Wordless Wednesday: I spy with my little eye…

...something red. Fresh garden tomatoes in a variety of shapes and sizes!     Do you grow tomatoes in your garden? What do you do with them (make salsa, can them etc.)?

Canning Week 2011: Café Pickles

Over the past few weeks my mom has been busy teaching me the canning ropes. Check out these posts on making relish: https://ruralrouteramblings.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/relishing-homemade-relish/ and canning peaches: https://ruralrouteramblings.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/gettin-peachy-in-the-kitchen/ With all the canning, baking and cooking, I'm starting to feel like Molly Homemaker! In honor of Canning Week 2011, I'm showing you how to make Café Pickles. My mom... Continue Reading →

Gettin’ peachy in the kitchen

Every summer my mom cans peaches for us to enjoy during the long winter months. Because of our close proximity to the United States, she orders cases of California peaches at the small grocery store in Hannah, ND just across the line from our farm. These peaches are delicious. They never disappoint. This year my mom... Continue Reading →

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