Protecting Our Crops

As someone who grew up on a conventional family farm that uses pesticides and someone who works in the crop protection business, it bothers me when people assume that farmers douse their crops with all kinds of chemicals just for the heck of it. This is simply not true. First of all, the term chemicals... Continue Reading →

Gluten is Under Attack: Ceasefire!

The G word is almost as bad as the F word these days. In recent years, gluten has been getting a bad rap due to the mass media, celebrities who are so-called gluten experts and books such as Wheat Belly and Grain Brain. For those who don't know, gluten is a protein found in grains... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Foods Grown in Our Own Backyard

At a recent agricultural conference I decided to take in a session with speaker Mairlyn Smith. Some of you may recognize her name. Mairlyn is a professional home economist who makes regular appearances on CityLine and Breakfast Television in Canada. She peppers her healthy cooking talks with a side of comedy. Check out her website. During... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Chicken Noodle Soup and Biscuits

Recently the boyfriend came down with a nasty cold and I promised to make him some homemade soup. I've never made soup before so this was a new experience for me. I decided to start with a simple chicken noodle soup. It uses basic ingredients and was easy to make. A bowl of soup is... Continue Reading →

Some Mouthwatering Vacation Food Porn

The boyfriend likes to tease me that I always have to take pictures of my food whether it be at home or in restaurants. What can I say? If it looks appealing, then I may as well snap a quick photo of it to share with others! Here are just a few appetizing food photos... Continue Reading →

Christmas Snacks: Nuts n’ Bolts

My mom makes this salty snack every Christmas. We call it Nuts n' Bolts. It may look like I just threw some cereal, pretzels and peanuts in a bowl and called it good, but there's a little more to it than that. However, it's still simple to make and a very tasty treat. Enjoy! Ingredients... Continue Reading →

Hunk of Meat Monday: Polka Dot Mac N’ Cheese

I found this mac n' cheese recipe in a recent issue of an agriculture newspaper and decided to give it a try. I know what you're thinking, the title of this post says "Hunk of MEAT Monday," and mac n' cheese doesn't usually contain meat. That's right, so I added meat. A meatless meal doesn't... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Banana Cream Cheesecake

This past weekend I tried another recipe I found on Pinterest. I was asked to bring a dessert to a dinner party and decided to try this Banana Cream Cheesecake recipe. If you love banana cream pie, you're going to love this! The boyfriend, who loves bananas, gave it an A+, even going as far... Continue Reading →

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